App update: Home is where the feed is.

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This update is focused on the central experience of Pulse, the home feed, the launchpad into the amazing streams uploaded by our community of awesome Streamers.

When you open our app, the feed is the first thing you see, and it hasn't changed much since Pulse was launched. Well that's all about to change!

Today we release a completely redesigned home feed that will make streams more inviting to explore and finding the Streamers you follow much easier.

Stream cards

The full magic of Pulse is realised when you're able to explore video stream, map, and telemetry data on one screen. Our research indicates that some users don't know that tapping on the stream from the feed page opens.

Today's update helps to make it more obvious that what you see on your home feed is just a window into a bigger story that you can tap on to enjoy.

Your feed will contain cards like the one below which include a small map top right, enlarged telemetry and some info about the stream and streamer across the bottom.

We've also made it easier to see just the streamers you follow by giving you the choice to filter your home feed by everyone (Feed) or just those streamers that you're following (Following).

As always, you can find the latest version of Pulse app in the App Store 🙌