How to get GPS working on GoPro

Quick GPS Tips

  • Make sure GPS is on

    The single most important thing 👇

    1. Turn on your GoPro.

    2. From the main screen, swipe down (HERO11/10/9 Black, swipe left after swiping down) and tap [Preferences].

    3. For HERO11 Black, scroll to [GPS] and turn GPS [On]. For HERO10/9 Black, scroll to [Regional], tap [GPS] and turn GPS [On].

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  • Disable or avoid using QuickCapture

    Using QuickCapture records zero or only a singular GPS location. Disable it to avoid inadvertently recording a stream without GPS. Nothing sucks as much as streaming your epic ride just to see your avatar stationary!

  • Have a clear view to the sky

    Try and keep an open view to the sky from your GoPro. Especially important when turning on the GoPro to get the initial location fix. The GoPro GPS do not perform well under trees, dense foliage or indoors.

  • Turn on GoPro a few minutes before recording or streaming

    Allow your GoPro to acquire a location fix before streaming. This usually takes a minute so try and switch on your GoPro a few minutes before you use it.

  • Update to the latest GoPro Firmware

    Currently this is v2.01 released on the 14th of December 2022 (At time of writing). This is usually done via the GoPro Quik App but see here for more info -

  • Keep GoPro Upright if possible

    The GoPro GPS Antenna is located next to the On button. Keeping this as open as unobscured as possible will give you the best results.